A man called David..

2 Aug

My adventures officially began on the 20th May 2011. The time for my first casting had come and boy was I nervous. The Job – A Fit Model for a big high street brand. Location – London. I understand you may be asking yourself why am I going for Fit Model jobs, the truth is it’s not exactly my ideal job but it’s all experience and I love clothes, fashion and embracing my curves so I felt like I would enjoy the job and do it some justice whilst help improving the fit of this high streets clothes. Unfortunately I have no photos to upload from the day as it was before the creation of La Chica con el Cuerpo con Curvas.

From doing my own research, there seems to be numerous barriers to entry in the plus size world, the main one being no bigger than a size 20. So how is it allowed to be called plus size modeling, when the retail industry caters right up to a 32 and probably bigger and we don’t have models that cater for this size? What I don’t understand is how they can think a garment will appear the same on a size 28 as it would a 20. We need a more diverse approach to models and fashion, something fresh, someone bold enough to at least try something different and more importantly models confident enough to care.

The fashion industry has certainly come along way already. With people like Ashley Graham , Lizzie Miller, Tara Lynn, Crystal Renn and more becoming big names, there are now more agencies, magazines, and websites catering for the plus woman and let’s not forget men.

Beauty is meant to be in the eye of the beholder but how can this be, when big brand names are sending out size 0 models, who can’t be eating healthy amounts down runways and their pictures in our magazines. And we wonder why girls as young as 9 are already having issues with anorexia, bulimia etc. We wonder why women are the more self-conscious race when all we get to look at when keeping up with the latest trends are beautiful but skinny women with perfection written all over them. But is this perfection? Personally I don’t believe that there is perfection, everyone is entitled to their own opinions on what beauty is and we are all different, so how can we justify beauty? Simple we can’t. The industry needs to realise they should try and cater to everyone’s perception of beauty by using a variety of looks, sizes, shapes, heights and
those with disabilities. While writing this I’m looking around thinking how amazing it is we are all so different. I would hate to not be able to be an individual in this world, to not have views etc.

ANYWAY back to the casting. So I awake this morning around 10am and it hits me, the panic has set in and I don’t know what to wear. For once I have awoken to my face not looking so bad so the prospect of no make-up didn’t bother me that much. I decided plain and simple. It’s a fit model, so it’s either an, you want my body? Or you don’t scenario. I decided jeggings, nice sequined top, leather jacket and some small heels. My hair got slung up into a bun and with a light layer of foundation, I was on my way. Oxford Circus HERE I COME. The décor was beautiful and I was surrounded by lots of trendy people with big sunglasses, designer bags, just like the films. I didn’t have to wait long and I got taken into this little room where I stripped off and got my measurements done. I then got given an outfit and the ladies seemed pleased and introduced me to a man named David. I don’t know who he was but he was so lovely and friendly. He kinda checked me out, asked me a few questions and went so it was all done really quickly. Maybe he was of importance but i’m unsure…

Well I got a text from the lady who sent me saying I made their books, so it was smiles all round and really boosted my body confidence. Hopefully I get a call soon! :)

Show Time in Vegas

27 Jul

Not going to lie, but getting to go to Vegas for free was amazing! This is the best prize I have won in my life so far and a trip I won’t forget! I felt so grown up flying out there on my own and learnt a lot about myself as a person in such a short time. The people I met out there was so friendly and supportive and I managed to gain some great contacts, including the owner of Lane Bryant, whos business card I will treasure. Out of the many great memories I have, getting to meet Ashley Graham and Lizzie Miller was one of the better ones!

I’m not going to go into detail about the trip but for those who are intrested, below is a link to my interview for Evans Fashion Fix blog where I explain more about it! :)


La Moda – Ready for the Weekend!

21 Jul

So it’s nearly Friday , but what will you be wearing out this weekend? This week for La Moda by Kelsey, I will be creating 3 outfits using some of the trends this Summer! As a beginner at this type of work, I would like to make it known that this is just a bit of fun!

Tribal Treasure

This season has been about the bold, vibrant prints and warm tones mixed with bright big accessories. The tribal and safari looks have been all over the runways and magazines and here is my take on it;

I have teamed the Tribal Print Mesh Kimono top from Evans with their Indigo Jeggings. I would say Evans Jeggings are a must and one of my favourite items. Their fit for me is really good and the stretch in them makes them really comfortable! To complete the big bold look I have opted for a wedge. These gorgeous Brown and Tan Wedges are from Simply Be and designed by Marta Jonsson. I absolutely adore the wedges but they come with a slighty pricey tag of £120 so I guess I will have to save! The finishing touch is a set of Gold and Orange Bangles from Dorothy Perkins.

Naughty Forties

Vogue has informed me that this A/W11 sees the return of the forties style! I’ve done my research and this time period is all about chic, tailored looks that emphasise ladies’ silhouettes and show off their figures. So get your magic knickers out and show us those curves! Below is my attempt at naughty forties;

This was the hardest outfit to create. I didn’t know much about the forties and I certainly haven’t been brave enough to venture into this amount of figure hugging-ness yet. I decided to go with the Glamour Bunny two tone dress from Love Burlesque. The Leather Gloves seem a must and the ones pictured are from Next. To bring out some colour in the outfit I went for cobalt blue suedette courts from Dorothy Perkins and a blue clutch from Yours.

Tassel Trend

Tassels are everywhere at the moment. They are trimming our clothes and hanging from our bags, shoes, belts and jewellery. I’ve seen lots of fashion police moments in the magazines recently where celebs are covering as much of themselves in this house trimming as they possibly can, so don’t overdo it and you will look fabulous! Here is my idea of a trendy tassel look;

I saw these light brown block heel loafers from River Island and fell in love. I decided that these shoes would be the base of my outfit. I’ve gone with the bleach denim prom dress from Dorothy Perkins and think it would work well if you replaced the belt with the cute tan tassel belt from Evans. I love the simplicity of this belt, which is meant for jeans but I would so buy a smaller size and use it as a waist belt!  I have found some amazingly cheap tassel earings from New Look which match the outfit well and to add some colour I’ve gone with a block purple bangle also from River Island.

Do you have a favourite outfit or item from my first La Moda, Let me know…

It Started with a Life Changing Day

18 Jul

Saturday the 15th January 2011 is a date I will never forget. It is a day that changed my life, changed the way I viewed myself and changed my perception of beauty.

Some of you may have heard of a website called Plus Size Tall, for those of you who have not, it is a website helping plus-size and tall shoppers find more clothing and footwear options. Back in November 2010 they ran a competition, sponsored by Evans, looking for a new plus size model. I really can’t remember how I found out about the search but I remember thinking i’m going to do this as a bit of fun. I couldn’t believe it when I actually made it to the final in London along with 13 other beautiful curvy ladies. The confidence they all had in themselves was amazing to see and they all played a big part in making me who I am today. They helped me realise that I should be proud of who I am and showed me how beautiful and sexy my curves can be!

All the PST Finalists with Chyna Whyne

The final took place in club Avalon on Saturday 15th January and I was so nervous surrounded by so many confident plus size women. The final show consisted of all us girlies strutting our stuff in casual wear, then evening wear and finally having to answer 3 random questions given to us by the judges. The day was so fun and exciting and some of my highlights was meeting Chyna Whyne and being taught how to walk confidently. She is an inspirational lady and had a lot of love for all of us! Having my hair and make-up done and being followed by women with brushes, touching you up here and there felt amazing and is something I could certainly get used to ;).

Time was up, no more rehersals, audience was set, judges arrived and it was lights camera action! It was all over so quickly and I still don’t have the words to describe how I felt when my name was called as the winner! I never ever expected it and am over the moon, still to this day, that I actually won.

I am so grateful for the Plus Size Tall team and Evans for running this competition because it really has changed my life. I have had so many opportunities that have arisen from it and hopefully many more to come. It has given me a platform to start launching myself into the plus size industry and the confidence to do so. I admire the man behind Plus size Tall, Thibault Masson, and am so thankful for the effort he put into making this work. He really has made a difference to my life and still to this day offers me a lot of support! I can’t talk about everyone but in brief I met a lot of influencial people that day including the Evans team, Blogger of Oh La La Curves – LaCara Kutcherman and creator of all things Evolve and a very special lady to me, Rianne Ward.

I came to a point in my life before the competition where I wouldn’t look anyone in the eye if I was out, i’d just keep my eyes peeled on the floor. I came to a point where I hated shopping and trying on clothes that I thought always looked hideous and gross. Luckily for me, I still had the ability to carry on and pretend everything was great and I was this happy chatty loud girl. That is the girl that decided to enter the competition but by going through with it, I came out a new Kelsey who shows her true feelings and emotions, is proud to be the size she is and a new found confidence to go with it! I think more companies, brands and influential people need to jump positively onto the plus size band-wagon because it can really make a difference to men and women’s lifes!

More importantly, I made some real long-lasting friendships that day! The gorgeous Heather – I met you before the competition and I knew from then, you’re my cup of tea! You was my rock on the final day and even when I found out I won I just wanted to share that moment with you! The sexy Emma H – What can I say.. I have found a special friend in you as time as gone by! We are aways laughing and can’t wait for us to meet once again and hit the streets of london ;) Last but not least my beautiful runners up girlies Georgina and Serena -All I will say is bring on the shoot :) Georgina actually helped inspire me to start my own blog after I loved everything about hers! It makes a great read with fabulous tips and advice for the fuller bust – http://fullerfigurefullerbust.wordpress.com/.

From Left to Right - The gorgeous Heather, Emma, Georgina and Serena

Lastly, beauty comes in all forms, shapes and sizes and because I believe this, I believe in myself and don’t have the desires to conform to societies view of beauty like I used to… What is beauty to you??

The Truth Behind My Teenage Years

14 Jul

Growing up and always being the biggest and tallest wasn’t  typically a struggle like most larger men and women say. I was and still am a very strong person with a bold presence which luckily helped me through secondary school and the name calling. I had my own way of dealing with those kind of people which was basically stand up to them. Reflecting on those times now and the arguments and sometimes fights I had I realise ultimately I was stooping to their level. I am not proud of some of my behaviour during my school years but it worked for me. I always had lots of friends, got away with being a bit cheeky whilst still getting the grades I wanted and had an amazing school life. However I was never really true to myself, in front of my friends I would act like the name calling meant nothing, like it never happened, but eventually this took its toll and at times the guard I built up would crumble down and my family had to bare the brunt of an angry, hurt and upset teenager with nights spent crying myself to sleep.

I don’t have a very good memory but during my teenage years there is one story that I would like to share with you all to highlight the importance of how someone’s actions can really change a person’s life. It was back when I must have been around 13/14 and we had all started going to those “club nights” for under 16’s. I remember being so nervous about asking my mum whether I could go and when she agreed I was so excited for the date to come round. This excitement quickly lead to paranoia that I was going to get bullied about my weight there etc. but I put it aside and started deciding what I would wear. As usual we all decided to meet at one friends and all get ready and go together. I remember thinking how pretty all of my friends looked in their short skirts and vests and there was me trying to fit in, wearing the only short skirt I  owned and as the picture embarrisingly shows and lovely netted top. Anyway we get there and join the waiting line to get in. While we was waiting I can hear a group of teenage lads shouting things. At first we ignored it and carried on chatting away. Then I hear more clearly this time, “Oi, you disgusting fat bitch”, and all I can remember thinking is please don’t be directed at me, which of course I half expected it was. The shouting and abuse I recieved got progressively worse to the point where these boys had actually started throwing stones at me telling me I shouldn’t come out of the house again because no one wants to see me in a place like this.  This was my worst nightmare, I already felt uncomfortable in my outfit and now I just wanted to curl up in a ball and roll home! I just had to get on with it, I kept myself to myself and danced the night away with my friends. I still remember that night so clearly and i’m 22 this year but that one thing changed my teenage life so much. Like I said I was always a strong character and stood up to people like that, but that night I never, and from then on I was so nervous going out and I just expected that that would probably happen everytime we went out. Luckily it never has but I suffer from paranoia and believe it stems from that day.

This blog is not about dwelling on the past and creating a sob story around the issue of being plus size. What I wanted to do is share a personal experience that I will never forget and show you how you can turn things like this into a positive because now when I look back and remember that story I realise that no matter what happened that night, I still carried on, I still entered that club, I still had a good time with my friends and I never let them bullies win by going home early! This whole turning a negative into a positive is exactly what my life is all about, I hated my size, adored baggy clothing. dreamt of being a size 10 and fitting in with my friends and have countless diaries with pictures of size 6/8/10 girls sprawled everywhere with comments like “perfect” and “thinspiration”, but that’s all changed now and I find it so funny that through all of those emotions all I want to do now is show off my size, help other women feel confident in themselves and become a professional plus size model!

Do any of my readers have any negative personal experiences they could share, where they could maybe now look back and see a positive side to it? Comment away and share your stories with us… :)

Sexy with my Spanish!

13 Jul

I never would have guessed that I would be here writing my own blog about my journey fulfilling a childhood dream of becoming a model. Nor did I believe that I would be so involved and interested in the ever expanding plus size community. More importantly, never did I imagine that my size would play such an ingrained role in my life.

La Chica con el Cuerpo con Curvas isn’t just about me trying to sound sexy with my spanish, or another plus size blog with a different name, it’s about being yourself and not being labelled with just a size. It’s about being comfortable with who you are, proud of who you are and confident of who you are, no matter what numbers are printed in your clothing. People need to start looking beyond a man or woman’s size and truely accept them for who they are and especially in the fashion industry, the people need to represented fairly with variety in models.

I haven’t done anything like this before so bare with me as it’s only my first post, but I hope I gave you an insight into what i’m about, and the next few blogs will be more about me and the adventures I have been getting up to with mission 00PLUS – so stay tuned!


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